Here´s a little sunday PoC I wanted to share with you: remote control a presentation using HTML5 web sockets. Ingredients: Swipe JavaScript touch slider. Microsoft.WebSockets NuGet package. Even if it´s not actively developed and only works with Windows 8 or higher. Some lines of vanilla JavaScript and C# 😉 Client-side The client (index.html) is just some […]

Show Me The Weather article image

The Yahoo developer network offers APIs and tools for developers to use in projects. The Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) is used to retrieve and manipulate data. One interesting product is the weather API where you can get weather information from a specified location, including 5-day forecast, wind, atmosphere, astronomy conditions, and more. There´s possible to lookup […]

Modal is a simple modal overlay written in JavaScript for modern browsers. The main goal is to keep it small, clean and without third-party library dependencies. Demos Minimalistic Boostraped Video For more information and download please visit the GitHub repo.

Netflix Watchlist article image

Update: Netflix has, after this article was published, made a playlist feature available called “My List”. To follow in the footsteps of the preceding article about Userscripts: I´ve been missing a watchlist or favourites feature on I´ve been talking to the support about this and it seems that a queue feature is available, but […]

Userscripts and Tampermonkey article image

I really like the new mail service from Microsoft because it´s clean and minimalistic. But the advertising on the right side is really annoying, especially when you´re working in a smaller browser window. This is where Userscripts entering. Userscripts allows you to install and run scripts (typically a brief of JavaScript code) and make […]