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A new version of Flight Info has been released, now called Oerinfo (OER is the airport code for Örnsköldsvik Airport). It has been rewritten from the ground-up. Here follows short information about the new version.

Check it out!

Less is more

The layout has been cleaned up and only the most important information are shown. The rest are hidden until user clicks the information symbol. To indicate that a flight has a remark the symbol animates.

The view has been separated into two parts. The first showing flights of today and the second showing flights of tomorrow. To navigate between those views, swipe right/left on mobile devices and next/prev button or the right/left arrow keys on computer devices.

Icons are delivered by the awesome Font Awesome and its animations by Font Awesome Animation.

Service layer

The service layer, which delivers and re-structures the flight data, is made using the ASP.NET Web API 2 framework and is running on Windows Azure cloud platform. I´ve added a proxy in-between the web application and the service layer, masking the real service and to avoid cross domain AJAX calls.

Web application

The responsive layout has been made using Skeleton: a responsive boilerplate for modern browsers. It fits perfect for smaller projects, because it doesn´t contains all the utilities of the larger framework. The application itself has been made using AngularJS which takes care of the data binding, dynamic templating etc.

Other components used are:


I have not had chance to test the application on all mobile platforms. If you find any glitches, have questions or just want to give feedback, please contact me.