Netflix Watchlist

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Update: Netflix has, after this article was published, made a playlist feature available called “My List”.

To follow in the footsteps of the preceding article about Userscripts: I´ve been missing a watchlist or favourites feature on I´ve been talking to the support about this and it seems that a queue feature is available, but not in my country region (Sweden). There is no information when this feature might be available either. A TV-program and film streaming service without a watchlist, huh?

So here´s a quick little scripting concept I tried tonight that will inject a new drop-down menu item into the existing Netflix main menu, containing the watchlist items. A button will be added to the movie information page where you can add a film to the watchlist. The HTML5 local storage is used as the storage mechanism. The items is an object literal, but serialized and deserialized as JSON because the local storage can manage string values only.

You can download the Netflix Watchlist 0.1 Userscript below. Note: If you have the Tampermonkey extension installed in Chrome, you will be prompted to install the script.