Here´s a little sunday PoC I wanted to share with you: remote control a presentation using HTML5 web sockets. Ingredients: Swipe JavaScript touch slider. Microsoft.WebSockets NuGet package. Even if it´s not actively developed and only works with Windows 8 or higher. Some lines of vanilla JavaScript and C# 😉 Client-side The client (index.html) is just some […]

Weather Section article image

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Andrea Ballerino, an Italian web designer, about the JavaScript widget Show Me The Weather. He has been working with a new website for a kitesurfing school, in Prea Beach in Brazil, called Play Kite School. Now he´s using it on the website showing weather conditions and wind force. I really like the […]

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A new version of Flight Info has been released, now called Oerinfo (OER is the airport code for Örnsköldsvik Airport). It has been rewritten from the ground-up. Here follows short information about the new version. Check it out! Less is more The layout has been cleaned up and only the most important information are shown. The rest […]